A technical analysis tool. A chart pattern depicting the period when the supply and demand of a certain stock are in relative equilibrium, resulting in a narrow trading range. The merging of the support level and resistance level. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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I. base base 1 [beɪs] noun
1. [countable, uncountable] the main place from which a company or organization controls its activities:

• Reps will be invited to Bristol, the company's base, for a briefing.

• The Group's operating base is in Norway.

2. [countable usually singular] the part of something from which new things can be developed or achieved:

• Small-scale industries provide a better base for employment growth.

3. [countable usually singular] a figure against which later amounts or other amounts are compared:

• All employees earned a salary above the wage base.

4. [countable usually singular] all of the people or things that something depends on, considered as a whole
ˈclient base [countable usually singular] MARKETING
the group of people or companies who regularly use a company's services or buy its products:

• The company has almost doubled its client base in the past two years, to around 1,500.

conˈsumer base also ˈcustomer base [countable usually singular] MARKETING
all the people who buy or use a particular product:

• computer manufacturers' general marketing problem of capturing and retaining a customer base

ˈcost base [countable usually singular] COMMERCE MANUFACTURING
the costs involved in operating a company or making a product:

• The company is to undertake further restructuring to reduce its cost base.

inˌstalled ˈbase [countable usually singular] MARKETING
all the pieces of equipment of a particular kind that have been sold and are being used:

• The company claims an installed base of over 4,000 machines worldwide.

ˈknowledge base [singular]
COMPUTING all the information and rules that an expert system uses to solve problems:

• The knowledge base contains all of the information that is specific to a particular application.

manuˈfacturing base also inˈdustrial base [countable usually singular] ECONOMICS
all the factories or companies producing goods in a country or area, especially when considered in relation to the economy as a whole:

• The country needs a strong manufacturing base.

ˈmonetary base [countable usually singular] ECONOMICS
all the cash in an economy, whether held by people or organizations or held in banks:

• It is virtually impossible to have a precise control of the monetary base.

ˈproduct base [countable usually singular] MARKETING
the range of products or services that are produced by a company:

• Circa has strengthened its manufacturing capability over the past two years and is continually expanding its product base.

ˈtax base [countable usually singular] TAX
all the people who pay tax, and the total amount that they pay:

• The country now faces the difficulty of a small tax base supporting a large welfare burden.

  [m0] II. base base 2 verb
base something on/​upon something phrasal verb [transitive]
to use something as the thing from which something else can be developed:

• What data are you basing your projections on?

• an economy based on farming

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base UK US /beɪs/ noun [C]
the place where a company does its main business from: »

The company, which has its base in California, plans to set up an office in Beijing.

all the resources or people that a company, etc. depends on in order to be successful: »

a company's economic/industrial/research base


Manchester United's fans make up 17% of its shareholder base.

See also ASSET BASE(Cf. ↑asset base), CLIENT BASE(Cf. ↑client base), CONSUMER BASE(Cf. ↑consumer base), CUSTOMER BASE(Cf. ↑customer base), INSTALLED BASE(Cf. ↑installed base), KNOWLEDGE BASE(Cf. ↑knowledge base), MANUFACTURING BASE(Cf. ↑manufacturing base), PRODUCT BASE(Cf. ↑product base)
a positive feature of a situation that makes it possible for something else to grow and develop: base (for sth) »

A cut to 10p per share would give a yield of 5.8% and a new base for dividend growth.

FINANCE an amount of money or a number that is used to compare other amounts of money or numbers to, especially as a way of measuring whether prices or numbers have increased or decreased: »

The newspaper hopes to add several million dollars to its revenue base from the switchover.

See also COST BASE(Cf. ↑cost base), MONETARY BASE(Cf. ↑monetary base), TAX BASE(Cf. ↑tax base)
base UK US /beɪs/ verb [T + adv/prep]
to have a particular country, city, etc. as the main place that you do business from: »

They took the decision to base their headquarters in Germany.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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